Small/Medium Business

Let me Create a Positive, Preventative, Proactive Health & Wellness Program Customized to Your Employees.

Health employees =Edmonton Corporate Health

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved engagement and retention
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Attractive workplace
  • Decreased health-related costs

In a nutshell, healthy employees equal a bigger and better bottom line.

Just as every body is different, so is every business.  Your employees may have different health hazards in the workplace – perhaps your employee health concerns are related to a high-stress job or perhaps your employees are more exposed to chemicals.  Whatever the case, your employee workspace is unique to your business and needs a customized health plan specific to your employees.

Did you know you can help improve your employees’ health for only a few dollars a month per employee?  Your employees will receive regular health education based on the feedback I receive from them.  Contact me to set up your customized corporate health program today.

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