Concierge Medicine


H – olistic, hands-on approach to healthcare.
E – xcellence in healthcare.
A – dvocate for your best healthcare.
L – ong-term approach to your healthcare.
T – imely health care.
H – ope.


H olistic, hands-on, approach to healthcare.

Do you believe that your mind and emotions affect your health?  Do you believe that symptoms have a root cause and are not just random manifestations?

Do you feel listened to, heard, and respected when you visit a Doctor?  Do you feel like the “left hand knows what the right hand is doing”?  Do you feel like your health care professionals actually know what the other is doing to and for you?

FEMME/HOMME deliver holistic healthcare – an integrated approach to health care that treats your “whole” person, not simply symptoms and disease.  You are seen as a person, not a disease.  Treatments involve fixing the cause of the condition, not just putting a band-aid on the symptoms.

Our healthcare delivery is complete, connected, and conclusive, not fragmented, disconnected, and inefficient.  Our care for you is collaborative; there are no cracks of missed communication to fall through.  Your health is our priority – whatever time that may take.  Your team of medical professionals work together with you for maximum efficiency for your healthcare management and wellbeing.

From the minute you walk through the door, you are part of the team.  Each and every one of your own personal team of health professionals know you by name, share the same file on you and, therefore, the same information, and work together collaboratively for your best, holistic healthcare.  It is efficient, effective and personal.  You are not a number or a filler for a 10-minute spot.  You are listened to, truly heard, respected, and your own medical director with a team to help you fulfill your health desires and needs.

No more frustration, stress, or banging your head against a wall trying to get someone to listen to you – only the peace of mind that you are being cared for in the strictest sense.


E xcellence in healthcare.

When you think of excellence in health care, what do you think of?  Free health care?  Canadian healthcare?  Do you feel you receive excellent healthcare for the taxes you pay?  Do you believe you have access to the best medical screenings and procedures available?  Do you ever “google” for additional health screening tests you can buy that will help you care for your health?  Are you confident in the labs they use?  Can you properly interpret the results of the screening you ordered online?

At FEMME/HOMME you are guaranteed the most excellent healthcare available in Canada.  We’ve partnered with the Mayo Clinic for our health screenings and utilize their labs and the top labs in Europe for our testing.  Medical professionals from the Mayo Clinic make regular visits to FEMME/HOMME to discuss the latest trends and screenings in health and wellness.

The Mayo clinic is the world standard in health and patient care.  Our exclusive relationship with the Mayo Clinic ensures you are receiving cutting-edge medical care and the most recent available screenings.

We’ve adopted many of the Mayo Clinic’s and Johns Hopkin’s patient care protocols. No more cold, “hospital-like” rooms with paper gowns that leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable.  Instead you are welcomed to a warm, comfortable space where you can relax and share your health concerns and questions with your team of health professionals.

Excellence is the norm at FEMME/HOMME.  Now when you think of excellence in healthcare, you can think of FEMME Concierge and HOMME Medical…right here in Edmonton.


A dvocacy for the patient.

Do you feel like you are in control of your healthcare and have a team that supports you?  Do you feel like your Physician speaks on your behalf?  Does your primary healthcare giver “rally the troops” to your defense for your health and ensure you are receiving the best care available in a timely fashion?  Do you feel confident “navigating the maze” of the public healthcare system?

An advocate is one who speaks, may even argue, on your behalf and in your defense. There is no more necessary time for an advocate than when it pertains to your health.

The public healthcare system can be a scary system to navigate.  Often we are left on our own to speak on our own behalf.  But we are not Doctors.  We don’t know what questions to ask or how to interpret the answers we are given.

At FEMME/HOMME you have a very strong advocate.  Your personal Physician not only speaks, and sometimes argues, on your behalf, she/he also knows what questions to ask, how to interpret the answer and will guide you, and if necessary, hold your hand, through the process.

No more stress of being your own spokesperson on top of the stress of disease or illness.  You can now rest easy and focus on getting well knowing that your personal Physician is doing what she/he does best, giving her/his full attention to taking excellent care of your health by ensuring every “t” is crossed and every “I” is dotted.


L ong-term preventative care.

What do you think is more powerful and has more impact on your health:

  1. Our present reactive healthcare (sick-care) system or
  2. A proactive, preventative approach to healthcare?

Long-term, continuous care is a different lens through which to view healthcare.  If you’ve invested the time and money into an alternative healthcare provider you may have had a taste of what preventative healthcare can look like.

Usually, I would venture to say, most people only go to a Doctor when they sense something is wrong with their health.  If they do choose to book regular yearly check-ups, they are given a half-hour of their Physicians time for a complete, head-to-toe, physical examination, which is hardly enough time to get a full picture of your complete health – physically, emotionally, mentally, hormonally, and sexually.

FEMME/HOMME takes a completely preventative approach to your healthcare while still providing acute care as needed.  Your yearly physical ranges anywhere from 2 – 5 hours, is complete – inside and out – and addresses all aspects of your health; physical, emotional, mental, hormonal and sexual.  No rock is left unturned.  At the completion of your full range of examinations and testings you are provided with a large binder full of health information all about you.  This binder is yours to keep.  The information derived from your complete Executive Medical is the foundation and starting point for your long-term Health Management Plan with regular, periodic, check-ups to ensure all is well.  Doesn’t this type of preventative, long-term approach to your health just make more sense?


T imely care.

Did you know that the average wait time for Health Specialists in Alberta is 22 weeks?  If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer (number 1 killer in Canada) or heart disease (number 2 killer in Canada) or any other life-threatening disease, would you want to wait for 22 weeks for treatment?  This is the reality for most patients in Canada.

Here is information from the Fraser Institute regarding wait times:

“Research has repeatedly indicated that wait times for medically necessary treatment are not benign inconveniences. Wait times can, and do, have serious consequences such as increased pain, suffering, and mental anguish. In certain instances, they can also result in poorer medical outcomes—transforming potentially reversible illnesses or injuries into chronic, irreversible conditions, or even permanent disabilities. In many instances, patients may also have to forgo their wages while they wait for treatment, resulting in an economic cost to the individuals them-selves and the economy in general.”

If you have the finances available, you could choose to go to the US for faster treatment but that is not an option for most middle-class Canadians.

Now you have an option right here in Canada, in Edmonton.

FEMME/HOMME Physicians know the in’s and out’s of the public healthcare system.  They know how to “massage” the process so your file is not lost among the hundreds, and possibly thousand’s, of other files.  They communicate regularly with the specialist to ensure all your information is relayed and received in a timely fashion so your care is expedient.  It is stressful enough when one finds out they may be fighting a life-threatening disease.  The timely care of FEMME/HOMME’s physicians will help to alleviate any additional stress and frustration.


H ope.

If there is one word that best describes what one seeks when they are ill, it is hope.
Participants in a study reported that “sustained and meaningful” relationships with health care providers contributed to hopefulness.
Raleigh, E.H. Oncology Nursing Forum 10(3), 443-448 (1992) 

“Physicians (75%) and nurses (63%) were most frequently identified by patients as contributing to their hope. Patients reported that ‘being present’, taking time to talk and interact with patients was the most effective way that health care professionals inspired hope.“
(Interview with 32 oncology patients to explore how health care professionals influence or inspire hope).

The two most important things your Physician can do for you to help you remain hopeful in a compromised health situation is to treat you as a person and involve you in your own healthcare process.  These are two foundational principles at FEMME/HOMME.

You are not alone.  You have a team of dedicated, hands-on health professionals providing the most excellent health care in Canada, advocating for the best medical and patient care available, in a timely fashion, with a long-term mission to keep you healthy – body, soul and spirit.

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